Welcome to Beilby.com, the personal website of Gary Beilby; veterinarian, conservationist, photographer and videographer based in Perth, Western Australia.
View his YouTube channel, find him on Facebook or follow him on Twitter.
Rarely updated, but now 12 years old, you can still peruse Gary's long running Photoblog

A recent video production - MRA Numbat Rally 2016

Gary can also be contacted by Emailing drbeilby at gmail dot com or phoning +61418 936 418.

Gary is normally available for home visits as the Animal Happiness Mobile Vet and is establishing a
brand new Veterinary Hospital in Manning at 133 Manning Rd.
Please call 9313 2636

He is available for veterinary conservation and wildlife consulting and can provide high quality wildlife and animal photographic prints.
He is also available for photographic and video projects by appointment.

Please don't steal his pictures. He often provides them for free to good causes. :-)